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Cat Care Tips and Solutions

At Cat Sitter Hong Kong, we understand each cat is special. There are some universal tips and solutions that might help adjust some of the common unwanted behaviors with our cats, and to help build a closer relationship with your feline friend.

From our experience, we've identified a few common unwanted behavior and recommended ways to solve them here. Send us any questions you may have to catsitterhk@gmail.com and we would be more than happy to answer them.

My cat wakes me up 5am every morning asking for food. What can I do?
I cannot stop my cat from scratching the sofa!
My cat is not using the litter box. What can I do?
How to have a safe and happy indoor cat? Part 1
How to have a safe and happy indoor cat? Part 2
How do you read cat's body language?
My cat is not really drinking water. Is that a problem and what can I do?
My cat does not enjoy going out the house and to the vet clinic.
Is there any food that is toxic to my cat?

Cat Sitter Hong Kong keeps a library of Cat related books.
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