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It was Cat Sitter Hong Kong's pleasure in taking care of all these cats as well as giving their owners a peace of mind while they were away from home.

Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Cat Sitter Hong Kong was great and my cats loved him! My cats are pretty messy but all my cat areas were spotless when I returned. He kept me informed of how they were doing while I was gone by e-mail (one of my cats is a little wild so I appreciated knowing he was getting along fine). He also accommodated my cats' twice-per-day feeding (and petting!) schedule so I felt a lot better leaving them. It's great to leave your cats with someone who so clearly loves and understands cats!"

Margaret, Wan Chai (13 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Thanks so much Cat Sitter Hong Kong for your help when we were away to Kaohsiung. We really needed someone we can trust to look after Bill. I was happy to see Bill looking great after I came back from my trip."

Tracy, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon (4 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Because I need to visit Europe for two weeks and two of my cats got sick, one with conjunctivitis which needs daily eye drops. Luckily, I have Cat Sitter Calvin's care for my cat which allow me to leave Hong Kong without worry. Calvin would take care of both of my cats daily, change food and water, clean litter box, and vacuum which makes a comfortable environment for my cats to live in. I could also see a daily visit status from the website. When I return, my cat with conjunctivitis has recovered. Calvin took care of my cats better than I did! If I need to leave Hong Kong for work again, I would definitely ask Cat Sitter to take care of my cats!"

Josephine, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (10 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "I'll have a WOW for Cat Sitter service, which take very good care for my 2 cats. Since 2 of my cats have problem at dieting and toileting that need to feed less but more times or easily to get dirty tail, Calvin just handle very well and he even help to clean BB's tail ! I'm so appreciated for his help and definately I'll contact Calvin again when I'm not at business trip next time. My cats just stay at home happily and I don't need to arrange them in the cat hotel where I don't know very well and far away."

Melody, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong (2 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "We employed the services of Cat Sitter Hong Kong for three weeks while we travelled to the US. We were very happy with the service. It was great to have a web page where we could see exactly how Guinness was every day. When we returned home Guinness had obviously been well cared for while we were away and seemed happy and healthy. Our house key was also returned to us promptly after our return. I would have no hesitation recommending Calvin and Cat Sitter Hong Kong. We are in fact using them again for our next overseas trip."

Emma, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong (14 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "We were out for 10 days and it is such a great relief to know our cats are taking good care of by Cat Sitter HK - by daily blog update and SMS/email notice every 2-3 days. They are very professional, my two cats looks very healthy and happy upon my return. They also help to clean the poo poo, playing with my cats Their service worth every penny!! For me, Cat Sitter HK would be the best solution to look after your cats when you are away. I will definitely using their service when I am out of town again. "

Lorraine, Fanling, New Territories (10 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "As a cat owner of 3 cats, it is difficult to go on a business trip or vacation. Understanding that it is difficult to put cats in pet hotels, every time when I am away from home I must ask friends and relatives to look after my cats for me. It is stressful when I am away from home worrying that my cats are not well taken care of. I found out about Calvin's Cat Sitter service from reading a magazine. The services he provides is exactly what I am looking for and the price is very resonable. Cat owners must find the right person to cat sit for them. Calvin's service is very caring and proper. He will come to my house and understand my cats and will inform me about my cats' status everyday. Now, I could have a care free holiday or business trip. Please continue to take good care of my 3 cats in the future. Thank you Calvin. "

Cherry, Tsuen Wan, Kowloon (3 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Cat Sitter Hong Kong took care of our two cats over the Christmas holiday. We had only been living in Hong Kong for 6 months and so we were thus happy to find someone reliable who was willing to come to our place twice a day to feed and play with the cats. If possible, we think it is always preferable for the cats to stay at home as it exposes them to far less stress (and the (small) risk of catching diseases). Calvin sent us a short email after every visit, so we always knew that everything was in good order. We were came back to two healthy cats, purring as happily as ever, as if we had not been away at all! We would certainly make use of his services again in the future."

Maarten, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong (5 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "I cannot recommend Calvin enough. He is very professional, very organised and very reliable. I did not have to wonder or worry about the well being of my cats once while on holiday. He sent regular updates to let us know how things were going, even going so far as to make sure everything else is the house was running as it should.On the day we came back, the house was tidy and the cats seemed very happy and relaxed.It is very obvious that Calvin cares a lot about the cats he looks after to make sure their every need is met while you relax on holiday. He is the best option, hands down, for cat sitting in Hong Kong and by far better value than anything else we've tried. Thanks Calvin!"

Marie, Cyberport, Hong Kong (17 days)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Catsitter HK is awesome, since finding Calvin on the website nearly 6 months ago we have asked him to take care of our furball more than 6 times. Calvin has always been so accommodating even at Christmas, he's busiest time. He takes such good care of Meili on every visit and really looks after like his own. She always seems so happy when we return back from a trip. Calvin always makes sure on every visit that she is fed, watered and her toilet is cleaned. He finds time to play with her and give her lots of attention. Calvin offers a fantastic service, reliable, trustworthy and always delivers feedback from each visit. He updates the weblink each day and sometimes even includes a little photo of her. We could not ask for much more. He is very kind and has a passion for what he does. Thumbs up too Calvin!!!"

Charlotte & Adrian, Sai Wan Ho
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "What a great service! We got to go on a family vacation knowing our cats were safe at home in familiar surroundings being well cared for by a fellow cat lover. Regular updates and even photos kept us connected and reassured across the miles."

Fiona, (Cyble & Brian)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials " As a cat lover, it is not easy for me to leave my little furballs in HK while I am away. However, Calvin made the situation much easier to handle with his expertise and genuine care for felines. I received prompt updates every other day and even photos upon request! He was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and I am very happy to have found such a dependable cat-sitting service. Thank you, Calvin, you rock!

Amy, (Chuck & Bruce)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "My cat has a habit of licking and biting his own belly when he is lonely and feels stress, and he gets a bald spot from it. I was worried but expected to see a bald spot on his belly when I came back from my trip, but thanks to Cat Sitter Hong Kong for taking care of him really well, his belly had no bald spot. Thank you so much for taking good care of Genki! I will definitely ask Cat Sitter Hong Kong again to take care of him when I need to make a trip next time."

Rieko, (Genki)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "We moved to Hong Kong in February of 2011. We knew that we'd want to travel around Asia as much as we could while we ere living in Hong Kong, and for that reason (among some other BIG reasons), we did not bring our beloved pets with us when we moved. Instead, we left them in the loving care of my dad. A couple months after we arrived in Hong Kong, we were finding that living without a pet was very lonely, and so we adopted a cat from the SPCA Wanchai. He came to us as a 5-month-old kitten who had battled kitty flu and survived. He immediately bonded with our family and became a very treasured member. Even though we had our special new furry addition to the family, we still wanted to travel, so I began researching kennels and pet sitters. I found that there were plenty of kennels, but very few pet sitters around Hong Kong...and then I found Calvin. We knew that with our kitty, La Fu's, history of kitty flu, he'd be better off staying in our home and not being exposed to stress and additional illness, so I called Calvin to set up a a meeting to see if he'd be a good fit to care for our boy while we traveled. The minute I met Calvin, I knew he would be a great caretaker of our boy (who is now called Waffle, like the breakfast food (thanks to our then 2yo son)). I was right. Calvin came to our apartment many times to take care of the Waffle kitty, and each time I felt complete peace and safety knowing that Waffle was well cared for and our home was also under a watchful eye. We have since returned to the U.S. and brought our very special Hong Kong original with us. As much as we are enjoying being home and watching our special kitty adapt to his new surroundings, we are sad to no longer have Calvin to help us care for our boy. If you have a beloved cat who needs wonderful care in your home while you are away, Calvin is the just the guy to help you out!"

Lori, (Waffle)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Calvin took good care of my cat during the 16 days I was away. The email/ SMS I received daily gave me peace of mind knowing how my cat was doing. I returned home to find a happy and healthy cat. Also I must say I was impressed by how clean the litterbox was!! Calvin really did a great job. I would definitely recommend his service to other cat owners."

Charlotte, (Siu Charm)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Calvin was a fantastic cat sitter for us during our time in Hong Kong. He was incredibly caring towards Catsimus and very responsible with our keys and apartment. He is flexible with visits, would come at short notice when requested and clearly cared deeply for the well being of our cat. We could not have been luckier than finding Calvin!"

Chris&Lauren, (Catsimus)
"Thank you for your amazing service, it was the reason we could freely go on any holidays we wanted whilst living in Hong Kong. We felt totally safe leaving the cats with you, knowing you would visit daily to take care of them, and also appreciated that you would do other small chores whilst we were away. We will miss your dedicated service here in Japan - for HK cat owners: this is the catsitter to go to in HK!"

Aki&Ambroise, (Hamu&TenTen)
Cat Sitter Hong Kong - Testimonials "Catsitter have taken care of our two cats severel times when we have been on holiday. Here is why you should let catsitter take care of your cat/cats while you are away. - Very good knowledge about cats - Very friendly staff - Excellent service - 100 % reliable"

Lennart,Ylva,Tom (Missy&Blue)