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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do we have to give Cat Sitter Hong Kong our house keys while using your services?
Yes, unless other arrangements can be made where we can still feed and play with your cats without having to leave your keys with us on your absence.
2.) We do not trust Cat Sitter Hong Kong in entering our home freely with our keys while we are away.
We understand there is a special reason for you to consider using our service; loving and caring for your cats. As cat owners ourselves, we understand the desperate need to find someone to take care of your cats while away from home. We are here to help. If there is any query about our professionalism and ethics, please do not hesitate to arrange a personal meeting with us or read more on how we treat our cats at home in "Our Cats" section.
3.) Why does Cat Sitter Hong Kong need to visit my home and meet with me face to face before Cat Sitter could decide if they could provide cat-sitting service for me or not?
Cat Sitter Hong Kong take on our own risk when taking care of your cats while you are away. We want to ensure your cats stay healthy and happy on your absence, be it a weekend trip or a long vacation. If your cat has a health condition or the living conditions is marginal for cats to live in, we will need to discuss with you personally how we could help while you are away. In special situations, we might decide it is impossible for us to take care of your cat due to health or other concerns that might risk the wellbeing of your cat on your abscence.