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Biannual Report 2013 - 2015

Calvin's Letter

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Cat Sitting Hong Kong celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2015. We are a Hong Kong registered company for the past five years. Although, it has been a great accomplishment, it is not without its trials and tribulation. Personally, I have grown throughout this time and learning how to run an "operation" and dealing with "customers". Technically speaking, my customers are all the lovely feline friends that we look after but dealing with their parents/owners is a big learning opportunity for me. What I've realized is that when you believe in what you do, love what you do and genuinely care about what you do, dealing with your "customers" becomes almost like second nature.

The trials and tributions are the time and effort that we have put into this operation and going the extra mile if it requires. We have encountered issues and solved them in a professional manner. We always have to juggle between person time and "work" time; however, when you run your own operation, this line blurs to a point where it is hard to define. But again, how can it be "work" when you truly enjoy what you do. The reward is more personal than anything else. I've read somewhere that in life the true sense of happiness is when you give more than what you get in return. The retrun can be anything from monetary, social group acknowledgement or social status. When you get put these aside and gain happiness from what you give then you may have truly learned how to be happy.

I am extremely thankful for all the cat owners throughout these five years who have given me the opportunity to look after their cats. Our cats are like a children for many of us. It is with extreme personal pride that I have been entrusted with this task. When I get the opportunity to look after different cats with different personality, I sometimes feel like I am the luckiest person in the world. Cats are truely amazing!

From a business point of view, Cat Sitting Hong Kong will remain to be Cat Sitting Hong Kong. We love cats, we care for cats and we serve cats. Our goal is to provide the best personalized service for cats. Again, we have learned a lot from the past years in how to do what we do best and we will continue to do so.

Calvin - Founder Cat Sitter Hong Kong
October 2015