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Annual Report 2012 - 2013

Calvin's Letter

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It is a feat of its own that Cat Sitter Hong Kong has been operating for more than 3 years. I still remember the day I have decided to start Cat Sitter Hong Kong and looking after our first cat. We have came a long way in these past 3 years. We have been providing cat sitting services to many cat owners across Hong Kong. I am also quite excited to see more pet sitting services pooping up across Hong Kong over these past 3 years. I sometimes question if we encouraged more people to start this service. Cat Sitting is quite a new concept for local Hong Kongers and when locals decided to use my services, it gives me an added satisfaction because they are starting to accept this idea. The percentage of locals looking for my services has been on an increase as well. For cats, it is a perfect solution because as cat owners we understand the need for cats to be in their own environment and to keep their daily routine discruption to a minimum.

If anyone ask me what defines Cat Sitting Hong Kong, it will be my personalized services. I can truly say that I treat every cat that I take care of like my two cats at home and I treat every cat owner as my friend. If I think I do not have the capability to look after any cats like my own for any reason, I will refuse the business. Many people would wonder why I wanted to do cat sitting. I usually tell myself these three reasons: 1.) Passion for cats. 2.) Passion to help cats and owners. 3.) Satisfaction when cat owners come home and finding their cats as if they have never left. These three reasons alone is pushing me forward even many might not understand why I am doing what I am doing. Without any one of these, I will not be doing what I am doing today. It is sometimes difficult to find what you truly love doing in life. If one day I do not love cat sitting, I will stop doing it. However, it seems like loving cats and loving to help is part of who I am. I just wish I could continue to write to you here every year.

Calvin - Founder Cat Sitter Hong Kong
October 2013

Operation Financial

Similar to Year 2011-2012, Cat Sitting Hong Kong has recorded a steady revenue stream for most of the year. We have 3 years of valuable data to fall on to forecast the financial picture for the year. Transportation costs remained to be around 70% of our revenue. The majority of this goes to gasoline costs which remains fairly constant this year. We still strive to provide door to door services to our cat owners. A major cost for this coming year would be the maintenance of the car that we use to cat sit. Because of the amount of additional driving, the wear and tear of the engines and brakes has been enormous. We presume that the servicing and replacement of parts for the car would be more than 50% of the total revenue for the past year alone. It will be a very difficult year for us because of this huge looming cost.

Operation Statistics

Operation has remained stable for the past year.

Advertisements and Press Coverage

Our website and Facebook page continues to be a strong advertising tool for us. The List, a free English local magazine, is kind enough to include us in their Pets Issue this past April. Also, we had a local Chinese magazine that interviewed us recently and hopefully we could share the article once it is published.

Charity and Public Work

Cat Sitting Hong Kong is looking for new charity organizations to donate to and partner with. We are especially interested in areas about controlling stray cats population in Hong Kong. Cat Sitting Hong Kong is thinking about starting its own charity or organization to help stray cats in Hong Kong. If you are one of these organizations, please contact us.

Using Technology

Cat Sitting Hong Kong is an advocate of using technology. Although, one would wonder how a simple cat sitting services could rely on technology but our operations rely on it every day. We are continuing to look for ways to use technology as a platform to better our services for our cat owners. We are looking at an online booking platform which would allow cat owners to see if we are available or not on the days that they require our services.