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Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Calvin's Letter

Bailey and Casper Photo
June 2012 marks the second anniversary of Cat Sitter Hong Kong. During the past year, we have continued to provide reliable and affordable cat sitting services all year round for cats all over Hong Kong. We strengthen our relationships with existing cats and their cat owners and at the same time forged many new relationships. The growth during this year has been steady and at the same time creates its own challenges.

Cat Sitting Hong Kong has started as a project in 2010 out of my love for cats and my desire to assist cat owners in need. Stepping into our 3rd year, we would need to expand our services scope further in order to survive as a sustainable business. We are exploring to add additional members to our team in order to cope with our planned expansion and to explore other services we could provide for cat owners.

My vision is for Cat Sitting Hong Kong to be a reputable household name for cat owners in Hong Kong. This brand would migrate into other areas of cat products and cat services. We are exploring opportunities to partner with existing establishments. However, our core focus will still be to provide reliable Cat Sitting services for cat owners.

The upcoming year will pose many challenges for Cat Sitter Hong Kong. We are determined to provide the same level of service in 2012-2013.

I look forward in continuing my services to you and to any future cat owners who decide to use my service.

Calvin - Founder Cat Sitter Hong Kong
June 2012

Operation Financial

Similar to Year 2010-2011, Cat Sitting Hong Kong has recorded a steady revenue stream for most of the year. With 2 years of data, we are able to better understand the marketing trends and needs of our cat owners. This information is vital for us to plan and conduct a financial forecast for the upcoming year. Transportation costs remains to be around 70% of our revenue. The majority of this goes to gasoline costs which remains fairly constant this year. We strive to provide door to door service and provide free first consultation and free key return to our cat owners. To decrease costs, we have taken measures to reduce the key return frequency with our regular clients. One of our goals for the previous year was to sell advertisement space on our website. However, due to time we have yet to explore this area of revenue stream. We are still hopefully that we could find advertisers to advertise and support our operations in 2012-2013.

Operation Statistics

In two years we have taken care of my than 100 cats around Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. Due to time and to further reduce costs, we could no longer provide services for some areas of New Territories and Sai Kung. It is our goal to again provide services to every district in Hong Kong when we could increase our resources.

Advertisements and Press Coverage

In 2011-2012, we did not have any advertisement campaign and press coverage. Our weekly Facebook and Twitter updates provide the only source of advertisement for our services.

Charity and Public Work

Cat Sitting Hong Kong has donated a small amount to SPCA in January and this will continue to be our annual donation to SPCA.

Using Technology

Cat Sitting Hong Kong will continue to explore ways to utilize technology to the fullest. We realized that utilization of our online portal is low mainly because we continue to send daily email updates to cat owners. However, the online portal will continue to serve its purpose and to allow cat owners and cat sitters to track their visits.